Light Diffusing Make-Up $35
Mineral Sheet Veil $38
Retexturing Face Primer $38
Liquid To Powder Mineral Make-Up $37
Mineral Powder $35
Minimal Make-Up $33.5
Bronzing Powder $34
Concealer Pots $38
Concealer Wheel Propalette $30
Blemish Treatment Concealer $28
Brow Gel $25.5
Brush-On Brow $28
Powder Eye Liner $27
Luxe Creme Liner $28
Mascara $27
Blush $28
Lip Liners $27
Luxury Lip Sticks $27
Invisible Blotting Powder $28
Luster Gloss $29.5
Lip Primer $28
Lip Exfoliator $28
Holistic Vanilla Lip Balm $25
Eye Shadow  
    Small $28
    Large $30
Eye Cream $35
Make-Up Wipes $28
Sable Brushes By Japoneque Range From $23-$45
Salve $35
Moisturizer $42
Vibran C Peel System $105
Microderm Scrub $45
Papaya Enzyme Scrub $42
Peptox $55
Liptox $35
Dual Active Make-Up Remover $27
Brow Design With Gina  
    First Time $30
    Follow-Up Visit $35
Brow Design With Monica $35
Brow Tint / Lift $15
Facial Waxing $20-$30
Eyelash Tint $25
Lip Wax $7
Chin Wax $7-10
Eyelash Application $35+
Eyes Only $60
Bridal Make-Up (1 hour - in salon, includes lashes) $100
Bridal Consultation (1 hour) $100
Make-Up Application (1 hour) $95
Season Update (1/2 hour) $60
    Or Free With $100 Purchase)  
1 Hour Lesson $110
Learn How To Accentuate, Define and Get The Most Of Your Features. All Your Questions Will Be Answered On How to Apply Color At Home Using A Professional Technique With A Variety Of Brushes. Plus, You'll Receive A Step-By-Step Chart To Follow At Home
No Matter What The Occasion, Look Your Best! Freelance Services Are Available For Bridal Make-Up, Photoshoots, Or "At Home" Appointments.

To schedule an appointment at the salon or for questions regarding services and pricing, please call us at 818-501-2221.

To make an appointment with Gina Affentranger or Monica Vasquez, please call 818-905-1220.

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